The Green Side of A. Duchini

The NRG insulated wall system is an insulated concrete masonry unit (ICMU) that offers stunning architectural design coupled with immediate and long-term cost savings.

On the outside, ICUs are composed of nearly identical materials as are conventional concrete blocks. A layer of insulation creates interior walls with high-insulated thermal mass, or heat capacity, which absorb and store large amounts of energy. This increased heat capacity of the walls delivers unparalleled energy efficiency.

Because of the high thermal mass, the effects of temperature variations and swings are lessened or delayed, resulting in less demand on HVAC systems. It also moderates the temperature within. The most striking feature of the product is that it has no webs or connections between the faces. Even though the unit is webless, it has the cavities found in the conventional CMU that allow it to accept rebar, concrete, conduit and plumbing that run through a standard brick wall. The blocks are also “finished” on the inside of the block eliminating the need for drywall and/or paint for the interior finish, making them less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

The NRG ICMU offers:

  • Energy efficient R-22 value
  • Average energy savings of 60%
  • Immediate construction savings through use of smaller HVAC units and no need for additional interior finishing/drywall or insulation
  • Fire, mold and mildew resistance
  • Standard dimensions with any architectural finish so it can be interspersed with conventional CMU for ease of construction and attractive building design
  • Installation like conventional block
  • Thermal stability and environmental safety
  • Reduced noise



Don Reed, owner of a mini-mart/service station in Genesee, New York offers his testimonial:

“I was told by the architect that this building would require a 10-ton air conditioner to achieve adequate cooling. After making the decision to build with this innovative block, I have not needed to install an air conditioner and have been able to use the heater from my old building, despite 300 percent more square footage. I have also saved $400/month in heating and cooling costs in a secure, quiet, fireproof building.”