Find the right sand, cleaners & sealers for the job

Sand, cleaners & sealers are an important finishing touch to many projects. We offer Alliance Gator Landscape Products, a leading force in the hardscape products industry.

Polymeric sand is a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder formulated for filling paver joints. This specially formulated mix stays in place and not only resists erosion caused by water, frost and wind but also deters weeds.

Mason sand is a fine aggregate. It offers very little settling and because it is comfortable to walk on is often used for golf courses, sandboxes, beach volleyball, under-pool liners to prevent punctures, and between pavers.

Play sand, while commonly used in sandboxes, can also be used for leveling patios, pavers and flagstones.

Commercial-grade sand is used for industrial and construction application.

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