Bricks offer timeless beauty and value


Bricks are made from clay and shale and are used for building or as a decorative surface.

Of all exterior finish products, brick has the greatest market appeal. Most buyers prefer brick, which means homes that command higher selling prices. They are also virtually maintenance-free and help insulate from heat, cold, noise and fire.

Duchini offers bricks from some of the leading brick manufacturers including:

  • Belden - Belden Brick is the largest family owned and managed brick company in the United States.
  • Continental Brick - Why build with Continental Brick? Elegance, Durability, Longevity. Continental Brick will give you the beauty you dreamed of, while providing the durability you sought after.
  • Triangle - Since 1960, Triangle Brick has helped homeowners, builders, architects, and developers transform their dreams into beautiful structures that complement and enhance any setting.


Duchini offers a variety of bricks for any residential or architectural needs.

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