Pavers offer beauty, strength and versatility to any outdoor project

Hands down, homeowners choose pavers for exterior projects like paths, patios, pools, walkways and pavilions.

Why are pavers so popular? They are:


Durable pavers are three times as strong as concrete and can withstand weather conditions without cracking.

Flexible featuring numerous styles, shapes and patterns.

Easy Maintenance is simple. Just sweep and rinse. Multicolored pavers even help hide stains.

Safe Non-slip pavers can be installed poolside or anywhere you want to reduce slipping.


Pavers can be made from manufactured materials such as brick and concrete or from natural materials like limestone, slate and granite.

Duchini now offers the AquaPave system. The green, permeable paving system is ideal for any project.

Duchini can help you find the perfect pavers for your project with quality products from Belden, Continental Brick, Hanson Hardscapes, and Techo-Bloc.

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