Block versus pre-cast concrete walls

Pre-cast concrete walls seem like a cheaper alternative to concrete block walls, but the advantages of using block far outweigh its mass-produced alternative.

Block walls are built strong to support your homeís foundation. They use approximately five times the mass of material of pre-cast walls and are held together with mortar, reinforcing wire and rebar instead of caulking and bolts.

The thermal mass of concrete block contributes to lower energy costs. Block basements also offer multiple options to meet energy efficiency codes. And at Duchini, youíll find many options for insulation.

Concrete blocks provide you with longevity and multiple options for finishing your interior basement walls.

Block basements are built on a solid concrete footer. Precast panels are set on gravel that can result in shifting of walls.

Block installation takes about the same amount of time as pre-cast walls. But unlike pre-cast walls, Duchini blocks are ordered and shipped to your site allowing last-minute changes.

Duchiniís blocks have been manufactured in Erie since 1932, supporting our local economy. They are installed by local masons and have stood the test of time for durability.

Duchini concrete blocks are available for any residential or architectural need.

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