Don’t get stuck with the wrong mortar

Mortar is the primary binding agent used in brick, block and other masonry construction.

Masonry cement is a mixture of Portland cement and other finely ground materials.

As a rule, masonry cement is more water resistant, less susceptible to freeze-thaw deterioration, experiences about half the dry shrinkage of Portland cement-lime mortars and demonstrates significantly greater sulfate resistance.

Masonry cement comes in three types – type N, S and M, each with its own strength and properties:

Type N – recommended for interior and exterior above-grade-level load-bearing walls

Type S – recommended for exterior load-bearing and foundation walls where increased strength is required

Type M – recommended for below-grade construction where high compressive strengths are required

Duchini offers a variety of masonry mortar and cement including:

CEMEX Masonry Cement – specially formulated for use with brick, block and stone masonry and for stone plaster

ESSROC – products that offers excellent workability, superior board life, consistent color and long-term durability

Lafarge Mortar Cement – which offers excellent workability, improves bond strength and uniform proportioning

QUIKRETE Masonry/Mortar Cement Blend – a high-strength, commercial-grade, dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements

For help determining which mortar product is right for the job, stop by or call the experts at Duchini at 814-456-7027.