Split face block offers decorative and structural solutions

Split-faced units have a rough-faced texture produced by molding two units face-to-face, then mechanically splitting them apart after curing, creating a fractured surface.

Split faced units can also be manufactured with ribs or scores to provide vertical lines in the finished wall. Rough textures, like those available with split face units, are often used in areas prone to graffiti, as the texture tends to discourage graffiti vandals.

All of Duchini's products are type N1 moisture-control units. The type N1 curing process utilizes low-pressure kilns which control all environmental factors.

This type of curing guarantees maximum strength with very high quality control. Duchini masonry units are kiln cured and delivered in air-dry condition with absorption not exceeding 30 percent. Duchini manufactures block with Krete water repellent, Krete BGP.

Duchini offers split face block in a wide variety of colors and textures for any residential or architectural need.

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