Concrete block for strong foundations and versatility

Concrete masonry has become a standard building material. Concrete blocks create structures that are economical, energy efficient, fire-resistant, and involve minimal maintenance. In addition, concrete masonry allows architectural freedom and versatility.

Concrete A heavy-weight block used for foundations and general construction. It is a rectangular 8x16-inch faced unit made mainly of Portland cement, gravel, sand and water. Concrete blocks may be produced with hollow centers to reduce weight or improve insulation (stocked unit).

Dukelite A middle-weight block created by using expanded shale to reduce weight and increase fire rating (stocked unit).

Dukecrete a light-weight block manufactured using large quantities of expanded shale to increase fire rating and decrease weight (special order unit).

Duchini offers block in a wide variety of colors and textures for any residential or architectural need.

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